Andy Kelly

Production Designer

Born in Belfast.

Based in London.

Does design, will travel.

Andy Kelly's CV


John Lewis The Journey Dougal Wilson Blink Productions New Zealand
IKEA Playin’ with my friends Dougal Wilson Blink Productions Bucharest
Safestore I will return Dougal Wilson Blink Productions
HSBC Little Investor Benito Montorio Blink Productions  Buenos Aires
Lurpak Lightest Dougal Wilson Blink Productions
Diageo Can Man Jonathan Herman Blink Productions  Bucharest
Weetabix Chocolate Spoonsize The Daniels Prettybird UK
John Lewis Christmas 2011 Dougal Wilson Blink Productions
Perrier Club NEZ Blink Productions Bucharest
Hovis Farmers Race Dougal Wilson Blink Productions
Renault Les Objets du Quotidien Dougal Wilson Premiere Huere Brussels
Innocent Super Fruit Ben Wheatley Blink Productions
Cadburys Spots Vs Stripes The Big Race Andreas Nillson Blink Productions
O2 Fair Deal, Top-Ups & Jailbreak Diamond Dogs HSI London
Adidas Get Ready Romain Gavras El Nino
BBC Electric Proms  Jonathan Notaro & Mario Stipinovich Brand New School                                                
Miller Clean Streets Lynn Fox Blink Productions Bucharest
John Lewis Always a Woman Dougal Wilson Blink Productions Best Production Designer 2011 BTAA’s


Music Videos

Adam Buxton POM POM PARTY Dougal Wilson Colonel Blimp
The Maccabees Pelican David Wilson Colonel Blimp  art direction nomination MVA’s 2012
Birdie 1901 NEZ Colonel Blimp
Muse Undisclosed Desire Jonas & Francois Riff Raff
Coldplay Life in Technicolour II Dougal Wilson Colonel Blimp  art direction nomination MVA’s 2010
The Ting Tings Shut Up and Let me Go Alex & Liane  Factory Films
The Hoosiers Cops and Robbers Diamond Dogs HSI London
Jack Penate Have i Been a Fool Diamond Dogs HSI London
Bats For Lashes Whats a girl to do Dougal Wilson Colonel Blimp
The Enemy Had Enough Diamond Dogs Hsi London

Andy Kelly LUX